First lesson learned on this new adventure. Travel lighter! I was packed in. Even Hunter who had the whole back seat to himself had so many blankets, pillows and a monster sleeping bag he was laying almost eye level to me. He was able lie down and looked out the front windshield. I think he liked being almost eye love with me.

The trip from Woodstock, IL to Marysville, OH is around a 6 hour trip. We stopped at close to the half way point where I topped off my tank and let Hunter out for a short walk. While there While at the station a woman was going around from car to car, asking people if they could give her a ride, she was heading East, same as me. Even if I had been inclined to give a strange a ride, there was no way I could. When she came up to my car she asked if I was heading East, I said that I was but I had no room in my car. At first she didn’t believe me, but I told her to take a look. Looking though the windshield she could see the front seat was overflowing and a big hairy beast sitting in the back seat looking intently at her. Satisfied she turned and walk away. As I drove off she was sitting along the curb waiting for someone to give her a ride. I felt bad for her, but there was nothing I could do.

Other than seeing more police cars than I have ever seen on the road before, the trip was uneventful until about the last 90 minutes of the drive. There had been a storm pass through earlier in the day and combining it with the cooler fall temps, I was soon surrounded by a thick fog. Already tired from a long day of cleaning and packing (thanks Dawn for the help!) and being on the road   I was already tired. By the time I got to my friend’s house it was almost 1am and both Hunter and I were beat. We said our hello’s to those who were still up and promptly went to bed.

Monday we both took it easy and did absolutely nothing. Tuesday began with getting some work done, connecting with people to visit and adjusting to this new lifestyle we have just embarked upon.